Advances in Technology

April 2014

I recently ventured out to Vittoriosa to try and capture the essence of the celebrations of the Risen Christ – in Maltese, called ‘l-Irxoxt.’

It came as a welcome break from my current studies and work related stress to simply go out with my camera and lens and wander about in an attempt to explore the different aspects of such religious events. Such occasions are so strongly ingrained in the Maltese Social culture that we sometimes take them for granted. This was a subject that, for some reason or other, I had never shot in my career, so in a way it was all the more intriguing and challenging. Naturally, I wanted to capture the general mood and the climax of the event – when the bearers triumphantly run with the statute – but I was fascinated with other facets of the morning’s events.

The traditional 'run' with the statute.

The traditional ‘run’ with the statute.

One could not miss that the occasion was also used by most of the people to put on their best dress or something new they had just bought to proudly parade and show off around the packed streets. This tradition was amply demonstrated in Vittoriosa and I had a field day capturing images of the different attire – some really suited whilst other items not so suitable for their wearers!

I did have fun and fully engrossed myself in the atmosphere by going inside the local band club to down a couple of beers before going back into the fray of the celebration! It was a welcome break from my work tasks and my computers and convinced me to again increase and multiply my forays into the local villages and streets. No more excuses that it was cold or raining or that I have to rise early!
A thing I also noticed was the amount of mobiles and particularly tablets which were being used to document the event. I must say, the tablets are really annoying as they can easily block the view and are very difficult to clone out on such occasions.

The tablet... here to stay!

The tablet… here to stay!

Yet, it is modern technology which is here to stay and the photographer, (as in many other professions), is being constantly challenged to update and make use of such new technological advances. Failure to do this is bound to reflect on the photographer’s capabilities to survive in a very competitive arena.

© Kevin Casha