With all due respect to all ‘real’ conceptual and contemporary artists, I have had enough of most of these ‘contemporary conceptual’ projects disguised as high or fine art…

© Kevin Casha

Yes, I love concepts and, as an example and to illustrate my opinion, I mention works by Maltese photographer Alex Attard. His interpretation of the Falzon petrol station (totally unlike the snapshots done by the celebrated Edward Rusha!) and Alex’s fantastic exhibition on the Renzo Piano project when it was still a skeleton. Both these examples contained CONCEPT, AESTHETICS, STUDIED LIGHTING, COMPOSITIONAL SENSE, TECHNIQUE, DESIGN and PRESENTATION… and much more. In my opinion, that is what art is about and not what we are currently presented with in an ever increasing number of pitiful cases.

Let me throw another thread…. In a world so full of trouble, stress, problems and injustice, why is BEAUTIFUL visual art being given the cold shoulder by most of the academics and many ‘artists’… is it because they do not know how to produce it??? Is it because that most armchair critics and academics cannot produce any valid art themselves and devalue classical and realistic genres of art because they have a strong voice or a say in art circles? How much of today’s contemporary art gives you a fraction of the emotions and feelings that the Pre-Raphaelites, Caravaggio, Raffaello, Dali did? Or the like of photographers such as Helmut Newton, Christophe Gilbert, Herb Ritts,  Cartier Bresson,  Ansel Adams or Guy Bourdain? Not only that, but the work of such artists remains very valid and continues to provoke feelings, debate and emotions…

In our Academic institutions, one is often even looked down upon and discouraged if one has a tendency towards being a conventional artist who tries to combine the afore mentioned artistic values!  It needs to be a brave person to go against the flow and attempt to counter this situation. Naturally, one cannot generalize – as all art is subjective and depends also on the conditioning of the viewer… and there are some beacons of hope such as the conceptual art of Ai Wei Wei and others.

Yet I fear that the way the word “art” is being abused of is not going to leave future generations with so much to admire and be inspired. I do hope we can have a resurgence of ‘Beautiful Art’.

Kevin Casha

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