IN Malta, we are the longest standing entity delivering and running photography tuition courses. With over 25 years experience, we are constantly offering courses at all levels as well as tailor-made one-to-one tuition. For more info email us on


The MIPP STILL IMAGE IN PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE, although demanding, has proved to be a veritable learning curve for the participants.

Learners during one of the workshops

Learners during one of the workshops

The course covers all aspects of photography, starting up with a sound foundation of techniques but branching out into conceptual practice and a host of practical, hands-on workshops at various locations and venues specifically prepared to challenge the Learners’ skills and stimulate creativity. Learners are also keeping Reflective journals which help to encourage research in areas which before could have been out of the Learners’ scope. The idea of presenting tasks which are outside each Learner’s comfort zone is an ideal way of improving the general perspective and knowledge of students in such courses. The feedback from the Learners has been very encouraging and positive.

MIPP group at a recent workshop

MIPP group at a recent workshop

The next Still Image Course will be held in 2018 and applications will be received as from this December 2017.

Those interested are to address their queries to




An opportunity to experience the Magic of the Photographic Darkroom!

At last, you can experience and learn conventional monochrome film developing and printing in a traditional chemical darkroom. Every serious photographer and lover of the art should pass through the ‘adventure’ of seeing a fine art monochrome print materialize in the developing tray.

For the benefit of those who have the passion, I have formulated a course that covers the techniques of the darkroom, as well as instructs participants to process film and print Monochrome work.

Get all the knowledge you need to set up your own darkroom and produce your personal fine art images!

All workshops are carried out in our studio/Darkroom. Workshops are conducted in English, when required. Personal attention is given with only a small number of students. Applicants are accepted on a first come first served basis as places are limited.

The Course will be fully run by professional photographer and tutor Kevin Casha at our fully equipped Studio and Darkroom at 27, Moonlight, Giovanni Papaffy Street, Ta’ Paris, Birkirkara.

Course details on request by sending an email to:

by Kevin Casha  – Master FSWPP FMIPP AMPS AMPA

Master of  Fine Art in Digital Arts

Hon Life Member MIPP MPS; Technical Co-ordinator, National Picture Archive

Tutor Higher National Diploma, MCAST

President Malta Institute of Professional Photography (MIPP)

MIPP Course Co-ordinator

“A practical, instructive and fun insight into modern Photographic Enjoyment”

We are all the time updating and launching new courses and workshops. For the latest details of forthcoming courses send us an E-mail on

These popular courses are specifically aimed at persons wishing to make fast, practical inroads into photographic enjoyment.

Module 1-“Foundation Course” caters for mainly the  beginner who wants to learn how to handle his camera better, understand better photographic terminology, improve his  pictures as well as grasp the fundamentals of photography.

Module 2-“Advanced Course” is directed at those students who already have a clear idea of the fundamentals of photography but who wish to further their learning in order to work professionally or advance substantially with photography. Keen amateur photographers having an SLR digital camera are the ideal students for this module.



Personal attention is given to students in each Module.

Lessons are generally of two hours duration. Assignments are given to students after each lesson with a regular review of progress.

Students will be assessed and monitored throughout the course and, if qualified, will be presented with a certificate of attendance.

Applicants are accepted on a first come first served basis as places are limited.

A Single Lens Reflex (SLR) camera is required to attend the courses.

Lectures will be held in the English Language if considered necessary.

The courses are will be fully run by professional photographer Kevin Casha at our fully equipped Studios at 27, Moonlight, Giovanni Papaffy Street, Ta’ Paris, Birkirkara.

(Lessons are usually held at 6.30pm unless otherwise indicated)

Participants must have an SLR digital Camera.

All fees are payable in full on booking.

The organizers reserve the right to decline applications at their own discretion or to cancel the course if not enough students apply.

 For Bookings, pricing and/or further enquiries, please contact Kevin Casha

on 21486097 or 9947 0106 or email us on




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Kevin Casha’s Fast Track Photography courses are accredited by the Malta Qualifications Council

Kevin Casha Photography has successfully registered its informal education programmes with the Malta Qualifications Council. These have been now officially accredited by the same council (

Now the popular Fast Track to Photography Courses can gain a student credit in his school leaving certification.

The validation of Informal Education activities are governed by regulations set by the Directorate for Standards and Quality in Education and the Malta Qualifications Council.

Informal Education includes all activities in which a student takes part and which take place after school hours. These can be carried out on school premises or any other approved location. A student can be awarded marks for only one activity per year. All students attending education up to Form 5 are eligible to apply.

For Informal Education activities to be given credit in the Secondary School Certificate and Profile transcript, the organisation offering such activities must be registered with MQC.

Kevin Casha Photography will fill in the Informal Education form which the student will hand back to his school at the end of the scholastic year.

Informal Learning will make up 10% of the final mark on the Secondary School Certificate and Profile.

Informal Education

We are all the time updating and launching new courses and workshops. For the latest details of forthcoming courses send us an E-mail on


Next year together with the MIPP, we are launching a course which leads to a formal accreditation which takes the student to Level 3 in Photography. The MIPP is licensed by the MQF as a school for further education.

We have also available a practical workshop in conventional film processing and Monochrome printing in the darkroom. Contact us for full details.

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