An APS Bank Project

Vanishing Malta

The idea behind the three year project is to raise consciousness on social issues captured through photography. The chosen theme for this year is Vanishing Malta and aims to ‘freeze’ in time several characteristics that belong to the present or past, interpret them through the eyes of five photographers and thus convey them to all future viewers.



The photographers were selected on a number of criteria including their passion for the medium, their technical background and a creative eye to portray the given subject. To encourage cultural diversity and integration, two foreign photographers were engaged, namely Tomoko Goto from Japan and Anastasia Zhukova Rizzo from Latvia, in order to garner a foreign view of how Malta is perceived. Martin Agius, a well-established photojournalist brings professionalism and experience to the group, whilst Lorraine Abela and Mark Pace, who are both young and have recently gained their Higher National Diploma in photography, round up the group with their enthusiasm and contemporary conceptual outlook.

one of the images exhibited at APS Bank in Swatar

one of the images exhibited at APS Bank in Swatar

The Vanishing Malta publication would not have been possible without the help of the writers who penned in the text, the APS Marketing Unit and Midsea Books, who were responsible for the design and printing. Finally, I would like to sincerely thank the APS Bank Management for making this idea materialize. The Bank has always believed in increasing awareness and pride about our heritage and has regularly been at the forefront of the art scene by encouraging local art and artists to pursue their talent. APS Bank’s belief in photographic art is extremely beneficial not only for local photographers but also for enabling the general public to further appreciate and cherish our inimitable heritage.
I hope that visitors to the Vanishing Malta exhibition and readers of this book are stimulated to think deeper into what makes our beloved little island what it is today.

Kevin Casha 2016
Exhibition Curator and Book Editor

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