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Hon Life Member Mipp, Mps; Technical Coordinator, National Picture Archive.

“A practical, instructive and fun insight into modern Photographic Enjoyment”

This popular course is specifically aimed at persons wishing to make fast, practical inroads into photographic enjoyment. It is ideally split up into two Modules :

Module 1 “Foundation Course” caters for the pure beginner who wants to learn how to handle his camera better, understand better photographic terminology, as well as produce better overall pictures and grasp the fundamentals of photography. Here, the student is mostly intent on enjoying photography as a hobby. Students need not have a camera yet.

Module 2 “Advanced Course” is directed at those students who already have a clear idea of photographic fundamentals but who wish to further their learning in order to work professionally or advance substantially with photography. Keen amateur photographers having an SLR digital camera are ideal students for this module.

So FAST TRACK TO PHOTOGRAPHY is perfect both for the beginner as well as the more experienced student of photography. It is up to the student to decide which module/s to take. Lectures are held at our fully equipped, air conditioned studio where the emphasis is on practical “hands-on” tuition. Students are taken through the most important paces of all aspects of modern photography. Should you be in doubt which module to take, we will gladly  guide you to what is most suitable for your needs.

(Lessons are usually held every Wednesday at 6.30pm unless otherwise indicated)

Personal attention is given with a small number of students in each class.

Lessons are generally of two hours duration.

Assignments are given to students each lesson with a regular review of progress.

Students will be assessed and monitored throughout the course and, if qualified, will be presented with a certificate of attendance.

Tailor made one-to-one courses are also available.

Teaching Photography to a group of students coming from mixed backgrounds and having different levels of knowledge is not easy. Furthermore, Photography today is so vast that  most students want to concentrate on diverse goals and aims.

So, if you do not fit into one of our standard courses, we can map out a course which is specifically for you. You can choose the subjects and level of learning, as well as co-ordinate the day and time convenient for attending your tuition.

These courses are normally run on a one-to-one basis.

Just contact us with your photographic tuition needs and let us do the rest.