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Our IMAGE PICTURE BANK offers Malta’s largest selection of pictures for the publishing trade. We can supply all your picture needs for Advertising, Newspapers, Books, Magazines, Journals, Presentations etc.

Stocking over 15,000 outstanding images, constantly reviewed and updated, Malta’s leading picture bank  prides itself in supplying the best photos at very reasonable rental terms and in a matter of hours.

A comprehensive catalogue system is available to let you choose the right picture for the right job. Sample selection of images is also available on CD or, simplest of all – just tell us your requirements and we will make a selection for your viewing and approval.

We also offer a personalized photographic service for that unique picture you might need and also produce  Digital Photo Presentations.

Contact us to discuss all your photography needs and any other queries. We guarantee a fast, reliable and professional service.


Apart from our picture bank services, where one can purchase single, specific images, we also provide collections of 30 high-resolution top quality photographs on CD.

These CDs combine a selection of images suitable for general publications and requests. These are incredibly priced at 95 Euros per CD.

The buyer will have the right to use any of the images as many times as he needs without paying any further royalties. It is naturally to be made clear that the buyer does not have exclusive copyright of the CD images and cannot in any way commercially copy or resell the pictures to third parties.

Our selection of CDs is constantly being updated and improved and we strongly suggest that you contact us for our latest titles. We can also cater for specific collections and requests.